Mgr. Marika Bajerová

Mgr. Marika Bajerová is the mother of two children and also a physiotherapist attending to pregnant women, among others. She cooperates with midwives and doctors. As a result, pregnant women get maximum care during their pregnancy and this contributes to their harmonious experience of physiological pregnancy and to happy childbirth.

She sums up important principles of her therapy nicely and clearly in the instructional video, which is available here and on Youtube for everyone.
Futher information you can find on her website or Facebook.

MgA. Matěj Hlaváček - designer

Matěj has more than ten years of experience in design and advertising. From 1999 he lived in Iceland and a few years ago he returned to his native city Prague. Together with his friends, he founded the company „“ to support interesting projects and companies with product and service innovations in the spirit of Design Thinking methodology. He studied graphic design in Antwerp und Reykjavik and typology at VŠUP in Prague. He has worked as a Digital Art DIrector at TBWA in Reykjavik. In his free time, he practices yoga according to the Yoga in Daily Life systém and also teaches yoga classes in Prague and Žďárec u Skutče.
For Ahinsa shoes Matěj deigned an original pineapple-inspired design print and also played in a promotional video.
How to order shoes with your own design can be found in the section „Individual models“.



Mgr. Lea Vršecká - Trainer

Lea  is a former top sportswoman, personal trainer and nutritionist with over 15 years experience. She is the author of the fitness concept FITMOM, which focuses on pregnant women and mothers after birth. She is also a teacher of psychomotor child development. In her work, she emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, natural movement and the perception of one´s own body. The good posture also plays an important role. Ahinsa shoes help her and her clients.

You can read more about Lea on the webu and the pages for mother


MgA. Radim Paluš - Photographer

Radim is a professional photographer and cameraman. He has been doing this job since 1996 and works with Ahinsa shoes practically from the very beginning. In our company, we appreciate his artistic approach very much, which he can support with his own ideas and his creativity. This creates so successful videos and beautiful photographs that you can see especially on our website.

We have to say that in the course of long-term cooperation we and Radim have become more friends than business partners. We are very happy about such cooperation. Find out more about Radim´s work on his website.


Lana Genc - Artist

Lana is a world famous pianistin playing worldwide. She has already performed in America, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, South Amerika, Slovenia and Bsnia and Herzegovina.

Lana provided her face to Ahinsa shoes and became one of the long-term collaborating models. In addition she got a role of the actress and is now the main actor in several product and educational. website uses cookies to improve quality and ensure full functionality. By continuing browsing the site, you consent to their use (more information). I agree