Warranty claim / complaint

We've done our best to make your Ahinsa shoes the best and to serve you as long as possible :) But if is there any reason to claim/complain, please contact us at info@ahinsashoes.com or call +420 775 108 124.

Before making a claim, please be so kind and review these points:

  • for making a claim, binding are Terms and conditions for using, that you have received with the shoes
  • the claim must be applied immediately after the first problem is detected
  • shoes sent to claim must be in a safe hygienic state (clean and odorless)
  • the complaint can not be interchanged with the normal wear and tear (for example, excessively worn shoes are not a reason to complain - but we can try to make some reparation :)) IMPORTANT - if your shoe is somewhere unevenly worn (for example more at the heel part than at the other parts of the shoe, we strictly recommend you consulting your way of walking barefoot with your physician or physiotherapist - inappropriate walking can have a negative effect on your body, please see more at Terms and conditions for using)
  • while sending the shoes, it is necessary to attach the proof of their purchase or the order number, description of the defect and your full contact details
  • we will contact you immediately after recieving the shoes

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