On the upper we use durable, breathable materials from leading European manufacturers. There are always many colors to choose from. We use natural as well as recycled and synthetically produced materials. All are in the highest quality available!

CRUELTY FREECF+ High PerformanceCF + Suede (synthetic suede), CF+ Nubuck


Natural materialslinen a hemp


Design canvas





CF+ high performance is a unique European „high-end“ product that offers all the qualities of classic leather, but surpasses it in all material qualities.

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Read HERE more about other properties and reasons why we use this material.

Available in different colors: black, wine, blue, brown, dark brown, red and black with relief.


CF+ Suede, or synthetic suede, is 100% waterproof and highly breathable microfibre. It has the properties of natural leather. It is antibacterial and washable, can withstand temperatures up to 60 degress without changing the technical qualities. In addition, it is lightweight and environmentally friendly. External laboratory has tested this material very stictly and declared it environmentally friendly. 


The Material is very soft and is pleasant to touch - that is a significant bonus. Also his technical potencial knows no limits! It can be used in many colour combinations and designs! The production of this valuable material takes place in the EU and has the strictest health certification.


AUM01485 (kopie)

CF-Nobuck is a trendy high-end microfiber material with the qualities of Nubuck leather. Having a very fine structure it still achieves a high level of strength. Thanks to a special production process it has a velvet-like surface, which enhances the typical attractive look. The material is soft to touch and resistant to wear. Nubuck leather is often used for heavy-duty mountain boots. It is a very natural material which adjusts to your feet perfectly. Rubber brush is recommended for maintenance.


We also offer AirNet® as a material suitable for the shoe upper. It is fully breathable netting with excellent abrasion resistance. It is manufactured in the EU with the stictest health certifications. Available in many colors and different thicknesses.




Linen is one of the oldes clothing materials. The linen fabric has a characteristic surface texture, it is cool to touch, conducts the heat well away and is moisture resistant. Linen yarns are 20-30% stronger then the cotton yarns and when wet, their strength increases by another 30%. The linen retains its key properties for a really long time (durability). Because of its qualities, we have chosen it for the production of our shoes.

We use natural linen with a weight of 570g/m2. The flax is grown and processed in the Czech Republic.


We recommend wiping the shoes lightly with a damp cloth or using a natural soap. It is also advisable to impregnate them against moisture and dirt. If the shoes get wet, stuff them to prevent the linen from shrinking and let them dry. If the linen material shrinks anyway, it does not matter, the shoes widen again.


Hemp ist one of the most ecological and versatile natural fiber plants in the world - it is actually one of the first fiber plants in history. Hemp fibers are stronger and thicker than most fabrics and also coarser than fhe fine fibers of organic cotton or bamboo. Hemp fabrics have antibacterial properties and act as UV filter, they can filter out up to 95% of sun´s radiation. Hemp is used to make ropes, bags, clothing, hats and insulation, is suitable for almost anything. Read more HERE.


For the production of our shoes we use high-weight hemp (845g/155 cm width). The hemp plant is grown and processed in the EU.

Care: As with most of our shoes, we recommend wiping them only with a damp cloth or using a fine natural soap. Also suitable is an impregnation against moisture and dirt.


Sunbrella® is an exclusive material with increased water resistance, high breathability and easy maintenance. It is incredibly light and flexible. Even the flag on the moon is made by the company producing Sunbrella®!

Sunbrella® is used for shading, canvas, sailcloth and upholstery for both indoor and outdoor use. The production of Sunbrella fabrics focuses on constructions detailst that provide resistance fo fading and damage from sunlight or chemical influences. The Sunbrella material is pleasant to touch, has excellent environmental properties, is durable and easy to care for - wherever it is used.

You can read more information about this versatile material HERE.

Due to its unique properties, Sunbrella® is also suitable for dyeing. In addition to the standard colour palette, we offer you a possibility to create an individual design print using screen printing. More information can be found in the section “Individual models”.

How is Sunbrella® maintained?

The Sunbrella fabric is designed to meet the highest and performance standards.

For easy daily care:

  1. Carefully remove the dirt.

  2. Wipe off with a damp cloth or use a soft natural soap.

  3. Allow the solution to penetrate the fabric for a short while.

  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.

  5. Let dry in the air.


Made in Italy, printed in the Czech Republic with custom designs. Different material compositions, from natural fibers to the synthetic ones, in different ratios. Choose from the current offer or make your own design.

You want to be original, but you have no time for your own creation? The young designer Petra creates an individual print for you.



Recovertex is a completely new type of yarn, woven from recycled cotton in combination with organic cotton. If offers comfort and durability. Textiles made of recovertex fibers can be recycled over many lifecycles. In this way, recovertex enables real recoverability.

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