The shoe sole (outsole, sole) is the important part of the shoe, which affects the whole flexibility, adhesion and grip of the shoe. For this reason, we have chosen for you high quality materials on the Euroepan market meeting the highest parameters and criteria, such as the German innovative lifoprene® compound used by the legendary company Vibram. You certainly have a lot to choose from...

Special German Lifo+ sole

Recycled sole

Ballerinas sole

Terrain / sports rubber sole

Universal und versatile sole


The Lifo+ sole is made of German innovative lifoprene® compound, which has a much better abrasion resistance than conventional rubber soles. It has excellent adhesion to various surfaces. It is very light and lexible.


Recycled soles are made of super sporty motocycle tire. Perhaps we can say that it is the world famous Michelin brand. This sole has excellent adhesion, flexibility and grip - all you would expect from a sloping motorcycle heading towards the turn at the speed of 260 kilometers per hour.


This is our thinnest sole with the total thickness of 2 mm. It has an increased abrasion resistance, is very light and fully flexible in all directions.


Height of tread pattern: 2,5 mm

Sole thiskness: 2 mm

This sole is made of the same compound that the company Vibram uses. It provides flexibility in all directions and has excellent adhesion to various surfaces. Its design was originally developed for the shoes in the kitchen so that the shoe is not slipped evem on the kitchen pavement with the spilled oil.




Height of tread pattern: 2 mm

Sole thiskness: 2 mm

Very light, flexible, made of the same compound that the company Vibram uses. Ideal for movement in the city and for versatile use.

Doctors and physiotherapists about Ahinsa Shoes®

Mgr. Ludmila Dítětová

Ahinsa shoes allow the feet natural movement because they provide plenty of place for the toes. The thin and flexible outsole gives the feet a chance to optimally perceive the ground. This will set the postural habits well...MORE INFORMATION >>

MUDr. Hana Bořecká

Ahinsa Shoes® provide enough space for the fornt of the foot, which is necessary for the correct posture of the toes and which also influences the posture of the whole body...MORE INFORMATION >>

MUDr. Ivana Sivková

...the toes and the whole foot have a real space for their work while walking. At first glance, ballerinas are visually very wide, but I quickly got used to it and also received many compliments for these beautiful shoes...MORE INFORMATION >>


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ComFort shoes

Designed by physiotherapists for those who want maximum comfort in natural motion; this version allows the body to function naturally, and at the same time it provides excelent comfort while walking...

Barefoot shoes

Special shoes design in a way that your feet feels like you are walking barefoot. Ahinsa shoes are light, flexible,with lots of space for your toes. Providing Freedom and joy for your feet.

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