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Petra was born in Brno. She studied here the subject „Handmade Art Textile Processing“ at the school of applied arts. Slowly she began to get acquainted with textile and its manufacturing and finishing process. The whole process fascinated her. And she realized that only a few people are interested in textiles, even though we are in contact with them every day.

After finishing secondary school, she decided to continue studying at the Faculty of Philosophy, where she chose the field „Interactive Media Theory“. The study of this subject expanded the spectrum of her knowledge, from which she draws up to this day. In this study corse she also completed a study stay in Finland. But during her theoretical studies she felt that she missed the craft and the experience of how the work was created through her hands. So she decided to go back to discovering textiles again and started studying at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. The textil design studio gave her space to experiment with the material and showed her other possible ways of seeing the textile.

The study stay in Denmark was crucial for her, because she became aware of the environmental impact of her projects.

"I like discovering the world in its smallest details, I get inspired by chance, the process itself is important to me and I always try to find the most rational priorities, both in my work and in my life."

For Ahinsa shoes® Petra created an individual shoe design. The motif is applied to the fabric using screen printing. Only then is the shoe made of this fabric. Shoe making takes into account the design of each piece used, as Petra designed it, to match the other parts of the shoe. Each shoe is so totally original.

How to order such shoes can be found at: https://ahinsashoes.de/individuelle-modelle

Doctors and physiotherapists about Ahinsa Shoes®

Mgr. Ludmila Dítětová

Ahinsa shoes allow the feet natural movement because they provide plenty of place for the toes. The thin and flexible outsole gives the feet a chance to optimally perceive the ground. This will set the postural habits well...MORE INFORMATION >>

MUDr. Hana Bořecká

Ahinsa Shoes® provide enough space for the fornt of the foot, which is necessary for the correct posture of the toes and which also influences the posture of the whole body...MORE INFORMATION >>

MUDr. Ivana Sivková

...the toes and the whole foot have a real space for their work while walking. At first glance, ballerinas are visually very wide, but I quickly got used to it and also received many compliments for these beautiful shoes...MORE INFORMATION >>


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ComFort shoes

Designed by physiotherapists for those who want maximum comfort in natural motion; this version allows the body to function naturally, and at the same time it provides excelent comfort while walking...

Barefoot shoes

Special shoes design in a way that your feet feels like you are walking barefoot. Ahinsa shoes are light, flexible,with lots of space for your toes. Providing Freedom and joy for your feet.

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