Ahinsa is an old vedic term which can be translated or understood as "non-violence". It refers to a noble and responsible way of living and thinking. Ahinsa Shoes are made following ahinsa principles:

Shoes designed by physiotherapists

Hand production

High quality

100% vegan shoes

Respect for nature

Ethical production


Ahinsa shoes® are designed directly by physiotherapists. Thanks to the special shape of these shoes and chosen of suitable materials, their wearing has a positive effect not only on the health of the whole locomotor system, but also on the individual organs, including the brain. The function of the Ahinsa shoes® was verified at Masaryk-University in Brno. You can find out more about the specific positive effect in the section Healthy shoes.

Ahinsa shoes are made in two model versions: ComFort and BareFoot.

For all experienced barefoot walkers, we offer shoes with a thin shoe sole that adapts perfectly to the terrain and lets the foot feel the ground. At the same time, the front part of the shoe is expanded to provide enough space for the toes.

For beginners in barefoot walking as well as for everyone who is looking for comfort in combination with the elements of classic barefoot shoes, we have worked over the years to develop the shoes that we now offer as a ComFort model range. It has all the elements of classic BareFoot shoes and also offers comfort thanks to a unique, anatomically shaped insole.


Ahinsa shoes are handmade. Lierally every pair of hands in our company takes part in the production of every shoe. Thanks to this you get really high quality shoes that will last for years. It is worth waiting for our shoes. You can see the whole production process in Hand production.

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Our shoes are made from the highest quality materials produced and available in the European Union. They are materials with great wear- and abrasion-resistance, nonslip mixtures and colors that not fade. How unique our materials are, you can read in the different categories of materials in Sole materials, Upper materials and Lining materials

So that you know that we really stand by our materials and trust our suppliers, we have an official request for you. If anyone finds a better material suitable for shoe production on the European market than we use, he immediately gets one pair of shoes gratis from us! And not only that! Also our big Thank you, because we will receive another great material.


Our shoes are not made from any animal material. Neither is their production  linked to the suffering of animals or humans. We just use materials that have not been tested on animals. We only test new models on people and only with their consent. :)


We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We have included secondary materials in our production. We also use pure natural materials (linen, hemp, cotton) and recycled materials. Our suppliers are also environmentally conscious.


A Product is ethical if it is made with love and respect for nature and people.

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