For the production of the linings we only use the high-quality, breathable materials that are produced on the European market and meet the strictest health protection certifications.

CF+ ultradry




Membrane materials: Absorber, Shaggy fabric

CF+ ultradry - our TOP material 

It is a microfibre that is similar to real leather when touched. It is made to meet the highest performance requirements of impeccable shoes. CF+ ultradry lining is a special material that is very pleasant to touch and immediately removes sweat from the foot. It is fully water-resistant and its moisture absorption capacity is eight times greater than ists own weight in the water. The 100% breathability ensures your well-being, maximum comfort and thermal effect. Heat does not accumulate inside the shoe, because the fabric leads it to the outside, where the heat evaporates. This keeps your foot dry during the entire wearing process.

This material is also easy to wash. That is his other advantage. It is a membrane with hdydrophilic moclecules without pores, so its properties do not change by washing. Of course, it has very high abrasion resistance, is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, malleable and highly durable.

The production of CF+ ultradry material has no negative impact on the environment and the material can be recycled without any problem. It is produced without chromium and CO2.

Available colors: black, yellow


It is a fully breathable netting with excellent abrasion resistance, produced in the EU with the strictest health protection certification. It is available in several colors and thickness.

We offer a full spectrum of colors: whita, black, antrhracite, gray, brown, beige, dark blue, blue, yellow, red, phosphor green, purple.

Natural lining - cotton

We offer natural cotton lining, which is especially suitable for linen or hemp shoes.


The suede lining is very soft and pleasant to the touch. This material is of course abrasion resistant and breathable.

Available colors: black, brown, creamy (on the photo)

Membrane materials


It is the lining with excellent moisture absorption capacity from the foot (absorption effect) and additionally with the membrane, which prevents the water to penetrate into the shoe.


It is a very pleasant synthetic hairy lining with a laminated membrane. The membrane let sweat go away, but does not allow moisture to penetrate into the shoe. It is made in Italy with the strictest health certification and offers maximum comfort, especially on cold days. website uses cookies to improve quality and ensure full functionality. By continuing browsing the site, you consent to their use (more information). I agree