Lea Vršecká is a former top sportswoman, personal trainer and nutritionist with over 15 years experience. She is the author of a number of professional articles and publications in the field of nutrition and sports with a specialization in fitness. For more than 10 years she regularly writes for the journals Fitness and Svět kulturistiky (Bodybuilding World). She also gives lectures. In her FITMOM concept, which she developed, she and other experts are dedicated to expectant mothers, women after giving birth and children and their psychomotor development, including the practice of proper handling and manipulation. Her aim is to combine nutrition and movement with a focus on health.


She passes on her knowledge and experiences through her fitness concept FITMOM, which she has created as a mother of two children for other women after giving birth, mothers with children and pregnant women.

The FITMOM concept puts great emphasis on pre-conceptive care and support of pregnancy in the form of movement therapy, lifestyle change and nutritional change. It also reduces potential stress and works mostly with both partners.

The FITMOM concept also focuses on active women who plan their pregnancy and want to feel fit during their pregnancy and to return to good shape quickly after giving birth. It is for all pregnant women and mothers after childbirth who understand that in this beautiful, also often difficult time it is necessary to care for not only the baby, but also for themselves. FITMOM is for all women who want to feel good and at the same time want to be a good example for their children and show them how to také the responsibility for their own health.

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Even the children themselves are given great attention immediately form birth. The mothers want the best for their children, so they learn to handle with them properly befor birth and to wear them according to their psychomotor development. The further development of the children is then followed by a psychomotor development counseling. From an early age, children are motivated to move through play, learn how to be active and how to take responsibility for their lives. The positive approach helps them to get valuable information and learn to look for a solution insted of giving up it  in advance. They train not only their body and muscles, but also patience, attention and consistency, the qualities that are important for them in adulthood. As children learn to perceive their body, learn the proper movement habits, and familiarize themselves with the principles of a heathy diet, they are less likely to suffer from back and joint pain, obesity, and other lifestyle diseases as adults.

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