Ahinsa is not just a shoe...it is a great peace of human artwork... People making this shoes are not common workers, they are artists... Every pair, every detail is a unique peace of their dexterity... 

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Many of you are interested in how the Ahinsa shoes are made and many wonder about their "high price". Here, we would like to guide you through all production processes, so that you can see that our price is really "fair" :)

At the begining there are shoe lasts and templates. For example, the "Sundara" lasts were made in collaboration with a professional designer using 3D technology. When forming the lasts we had to study all details of a real human foot at full load in the centrated position :) After designing the basic model and throughout testing the shoe lasts in all sizes are made.


We create templates (cuts) according to a particular shoe last and all must be tested yet again which is a very difficult part of the process as almost endless number of adjustments and tests are made to fit everything to the minutest detail.

Only after such preparations the production itself can start.

1. Cutting

All pieces have to be hand-cut according to the templates. 


Absolute accuracy is a must.


The components are not only cut out, but also marked for bending and joining  ...


Something can be carved out with a scalpel, something must be cut with scissors ...


Would you believe that these pieces will ever make a shoe :)?



2. Sewing

A sewing machine can help to a certain extend .. 




Most of the time it is the good old pricker .... 


Each hole must be cut out manually ...


3. Insoles

... what we walk on. 



The insole must be attached to a shoe last. Don’t worry, the nails are removed later :)


4. Lasting the shoe

The shoe upper is placed precisely on the last...


...the glue is applied ...


...the shoe upper is stretched on the last .. which is a bit of our secret know-how, but this much we can disclose :)


...and the shoe stretched on a last starts looking nice :)


Brush out all the excess


5. Foxing

The protective top quality composite rubber belt glued around the shoe. But first, all is carefully outlined...



...the glue is applied ...


...of course both on the shoe and on the foxing itself ...



... after attaching, the foxing is brushed out smooth :)


6. Outsole

Outsoles coming! After cutting out a little brushing is still needed ...


The marks for a precise placing of the outsole ...



glue-time again! ....


...both sides ...


...now let’s be extra carefull ...




now comes the press machine, double quality check and off it goes to you, our dear customers ... :)

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