How will Ahinsa shoes help my health?
Are barefoot shoes suitable for me or should I take a comfortable/minimalist option?
Should I walk on city surfaces barefoot or in barefoot shoes?


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How will Ahinsa shoes help my health?

Ahinsa shoes enable not only our feet, but also the whole body to work naturally and healthily. It can even impact the function of our immune system!
In other words, the health benefits are enormous, because the natural function of the foot is intertwined with the function of our entire musculoskeletal system, internal organs, our breath and even the psyche! Please read more on our Blog >>.

All Ahinsa shoes models are meticulously designed by doctors and physiotherapists with maximum regard for your health. 
The function of Ahinsa shoes was verified by Masaryk University in Brno >> and Ahinsa shoes are recommended by doctors and physiotherapists >>.


Are barefoot shoes suitable for me or should I take a comfortable/minimalist option?

Barefoot walking is very pleasant, joyful and brings lots of benefits to our entire musculoskeletal system.

However, barefoot shoes and barefoot walking may not be immediately suitable for everyone. It is primarily intended for those of us who wanted maximum contact with the terrain and the feeling of walking barefoot. However, this requires that we place the feet sensitively on the surface, feel them and be able to react – we definitely recommend watching the videos below:

If you are unsure or just want the maximum healthy comfort when walking, it is best to start with a minimalist – comfort option of Ahinsa shoes. After a while, try removing the special comfort insole and replace it with a thin straight insole, which we also send extra as a gift for you with each comfort pair.

Should I walk on city surfaces barefoot or in barefoot shoes?

Is it suitable to walk barefoot or in barefoot shoes on a city/hard surface? We have a very simple answer to this question – the problem is not the surface, but the way we walk. The surface can be the hardest or softest, but how we feel depends entirely on the function of our musculoskeletal system.Our whole body is connected in muscle chains. 

If we do not land hard on the heel, but we place our feet sensitively on the surface, then we feel our legs (and whole body) well and can respond adequately. Thus, even the hardest surface may not mean a problem. On the contrary, it can mean great “exercise” for even better stabilization and coordination of our body…

But not everyone is ready for this right away. If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is to start with our Minimalist/Comfort models, providing the foot with full space for its natural function. Your foot can start moving freely, feel and get stronger. At the same time, the shoes also reduce the very frequent problem of hard landings on the surface.

In other words, the problem is not the surface but the way we walk on it.:)

Please find out more in videos at this question >>.


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