Bindu Bare Ankle Lifo+ Flower - barefoot comfort vegan ethical vegetarian handmade by Ahinsa shoes®

Bindu Bare Ankle Lifo+ Flower

139,00 € Do you know what are you paying for?

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Hand-designed pattern on sythetic canvas. Fully breathable AirNet® mesh lining. Sole made from exclusive German lifoprene® compound.

Tereza Palušová, author of the motive: "I am happy to be a part of the Ahinsa Shoes production. With this experience I realized that if You love some kind of activity, the Universe will arrange for different opportunities to come to life. Artwork has been accompanying me since my childhood and is an integral part of my soul."

Upper material : Synthetic linen with design print
Lining : AirNet®
Sole : Lifo+ from German innovative Lifoprene® compound
Breathability : Standard
Water resistance : diminished, it is necessary to impregnate
Model : Sneakers
Care : Treat with suitable impregnation
Cleaning : Clean with a damp cloth or a special cleaner

Do you know what are you paying for?

  • hand-made shoes
  • the materials of top-quality, sourced exclusively in the EU countries
  • barefoot shoes designed by physiotherapists
  • footwear produced in ethic conditions
  • the production does not engage in any form of animal suffering
  • the footwear does not distort your feet and keeps them happy and free :)

Individual adaptations and material combinations

We will be very happy to make you tailored shoes.

Do you like the upper of one model and the lining from the other one? No problem! You can combine our materials, we can also use some of your favorite materials or even print the shoe with your own motif.

All individual adaptations please order only via e-mail

The price for individual adaptation is usually 10% higher than for our standard model (depending on how the adaptation or combination is complicated).More information >>

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